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2021 Annual Report

An monitoring policy to guarantee recycling quality

Intro logistique & traitement

After 15 years of building a high added-value industry and following the integration of more and more diverse stakeholders in collection, regrouping and transport operations and treatment processes, a single monitoring policy for all ecosystem operators was created and implemented, regardless of their area of business or type. 5 principles, the basis of ecosystem’s monitoring policy, were established.

For example, the principle of the industry’s quality guarantee is a “founding principle for the industry in general and in particular for ecosystem. This is at the heart of the relationship of trust between ecosystem and the general public who participate in the industry’s development regardless of whether they are household or professional products.

This is achieved by depollution in order for the industry to achieve a high level of quality and for secondary raw materials to be produced without causing impacts to health or the environment: this principal gives substance to our “recycling is protecting” signature (health, environment, resources).

Other principles such as progressiveness, streamlining of requirements or adjustments according to the level of environmental risks of fractions are included too.

The requirements specific to each business (collection, regrouping, transport, treatment) have been reviewed and the monitoring tools updated, standardised and adapted. Contracts are also being gradually adapted so as to integrate the requirements that are specific to each business in the industry in order to guarantee the quality of the operations undertaken.