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2021 Annual Report

Producer members

In order to give producers more visibility of our activities new communication tools were deployed in 2021. A purpose-built awareness-raising platform was developed in collaboration with a panel of producer members.

Making our work and our added-value more visible on social networks

Post Li

In 2021, LinkedIn, a professional network and a web showcase for the latest company news, was extensively deployed. The goal? To showcase our service offering aimed at producers (administrative support, eco-design, etc.), communicate news that affects them (deciphering the AGEC law, webinars, conferences, etc.) and promote our ongoing projects. Over the months the number of subscribers rose by 35% thanks to posts in various formats, rallying and federating a community of more than 6,000 members.

Promoting our service offering in environmental performance

In parallel to the reorganisation of the Environmental, Quality and Projects Performance Department and its producer-orientated service offer, a document was established.  It presents the Department, its organisation and its stakes and challenges and can be used in workshops at our members’ premises in order to improve their environmental performance.  With a user-focused design, it addresses 8 themes to train our members in the stakes and challenges of WEEE recycling and in its eco-design.

Furthermore, with the cycle of webinars in eco-design having been renewed in 2021, various promotional initiatives have been implemented to make these more visible on our Website and on LinkedIn.

Raising member awareness and making them ambassadors of our values

As it is essential to understand WEEE recycling issues and how this authority approved industry functions, a poster kit was created in order to enable producers to present ecosystem’s missions, recycling solutions and what becomes of appliances to their employees.


affiches comm prod


In order to support our members promote their environmentally responsible approach (integration of recycled plastics into a new product, contribution to recycling, etc.) an awareness-raising module on communication best practice was designed and presented in one of the webinar’s as well as at several meetings with our members.



2021 also saw the development of an awareness-raising web platform on the stakes of giving a 2nd lease of life to WEEE aimed at our members. In order to take into account their needs and restrictions, 11 producers  with various profiles took part in the project. The “eeeasy” project, a turn-key tool for in-house information will be launched during 2022 enabling producers to organise sustainable development-orientated theme days.


Homepage eeeasy

Facilitating the understanding and implementation of ERP regulations

Following the enactment of the French AGEC law (Anti-waste and Circular Economy) in 2020, 2021 marked a new phase for our producer members who saw their obligations in certain areas change. To best support them in implementing these changes in regulations, articles on the AGEC Law and the Repair Fund were made available on our website.


info réglementaires


An “Info-tri” (a sorting information symbol) guide was made available to our members. This guide covers all the information and graphics that they need in order to be able to affix consumer information on sorting rules in accordance with regulations.

We have coordinated several works in order to establish this consumer information on sorting rules via a dedicated working group comprised of EEE take-back scheme operator communications teams (ecosystem, Ecologic), batteries (Screlec, Corepile), photovoltaic panels (Soren), lamps and small fire extinguishers (ecosystem). Several discussions took place with producer representatives in order to anticipate operational stakes related to marking.

Furthermore, we undertook a qualitative study with two consumer groups to validate the understanding of the different symbols, pictograms and “Info-tri” instructions in order to make any adjustments, if necessary.

Lastly, we constituted a Members Group to make this guide a formal document and ensure that all the necessary information for the correct operational implementation of the consumer information on sorting rules was present.


Provision of training and communication tools

Via an on-line catalogue our members can download different communication tools to train their teams on ERP, WEEE and recycling, as well as promoting their contribution as a member. In particular they have access to a presentation booklet and practical guidelines in order to extract the terms and wording that can be used for their own materials, as well as ready-to-use visuals (logos, thumbnails, invoice footers, small posters, etc.).


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