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2021 Annual Report

A new department in charge of research

In April 2021, the “Research and Expertise” Department reporting to the Technical Department was merged with the “Studies and Eco-design” Department to form a new department.

The Environmental Performance, Quality and Projects Department (EPQP Dpt) is based on 3 cornerstones: environmental expertise, projects and quality management.

  • Environmental expertise  

Environmental expertise is a research department that manages ecosystem’s environmental performance and identifies new stakes and challenges.  It sets up new methods and management indicators to achieve environmental excellence and clarify the Company’s structuring decisions. Thanks to its team, comprised mainly of environmental specialists, it ca anticipate health and environmental risks by conducting studies and analyses related to problematic substances, fires hazards, etc.

An incubator for innovative projects, it supports research in new ecological solutions (energy, treatment, recycling, etc.). It provides information and training for industrials and academics (producers, engineers, scientists, etc.) through works managed by the “Urban Mines" Research Chair to develop circular economy projects and support the eco-design of products in order to improve their “circularity” (durability produced, recyclability, etc.). The environmental assessment that it carries out each year serves as a guide for ecosystem’s projects: it considers environmental impacts of the business chain with a view to improve efficiency.

  • Projects Department

The Projects Department manages the business projects portfolio with a 360° view (from the request phase right through to delivery). Its aim is to embody a department of excellence and competencies in project management and to foster a “project culture” within ecosystem.

  • The Quality and Continuous Improvement Department

Through this Department, Management perpetuates a wide quality reference framework for continual improvement in the company’s environmental, social, societal, economic and ethical stakes and challenges.