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2021 Annual Report

Providing support for end-of-service life eco-design

Being in daily contact with recycling operators, we provide support to producers right from the design phase on all the challenges related to end-of-service life in order to anticipate the choice of materials, substances and assembly that foster quality recycling.

Updating the platform entirely dedicated to eco-design

In 2018 a platform for producers had already been included on ecosystem’s website. It enables producers to improve and better design their appliances for a more environmentally-friendly end-of-service life. It is freely accessible here.

This platform contains regularly updated written content and videos for a better understanding on how recycling works. Tools and media are made available to producers to help them in their eco-design activities (best practice information sheets, LCI data, REEECYC’LAB) as well as making it easier to access different documentary resources and information on regulations and standards that are of interest for eco-design.

The integration of WEEE recycling CO2 emission factors in the ADEME carbon database

We developed Life Cycle Inventories for the end-of-service life of electrical and electronic equipment, information that is necessary for modelling the end-of-service life of equipment in LCAs (life cycle analyses). This year, in line with this work, we contributed to the ADEME-managed  working group on CO2 emission factors specific to WEEE recycling for integration into the ADEME’s carbon database.

These emission factors are used by various stakeholders in order to carry out GHG  (greenhouse gas) balances and for their extra-financial reports.


Raising awareness and rallying producers

Webinars on eco-design in partnership with Pôle Eco-design

In partnership with Pôle Eco-design*, ecosystem launched a cycle of webinars on the eco-design of electrical and electronic equipment focusing on the new life of products and materials. In total, 6 webinars took place on various topics: the integration of recycled plastics, chemical recycling, the environmental review of our activities, what becomes of eco-materials in the industry, the removal process of hazardous substances from WEEE, etc. At each session around one hundred participants took part. All our webinars are available on replay on our Youtube channel:

*Industrial Association created in 2008, “Pôle Eco-design” is the national centre on eco-design and efficiency via life cycles.


Other events:

  • Participation on 6 July 2021 in a Think Tank on the Life Cycle Analysis of lighting systems, organised by the Axelera Competitiveness Cluster, Pôle Eco-design and Cluster Lumières in order to present our LCI for the end-of-service life of electrical and electronic equipment.
  • Contribution in a MOOC developed by Delft University on the design of electronic products with a view to recycling: MOOC : Engineering Design for a Circular Economy | TU Delft Online