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2021 Annual Report


Our governance is organised around a 25-member Board of Directors, (23 board members, 1 Chairman, 1 State Overseer), 6 cross-disciplinary committees and 4 Sector Committees. All these bodies ensure a coherence of the whole whilst finely managing the different business sectors. A Stakeholder Committee was created and met 6 times this year. Furthermore, a Mission Committee is being created within the context of the new mission-based company status.


Key figures

board members
sector committees

Management and governance


The Stakeholder Committee: a new body in our governance

As soon the Decrees from the French AGEC Law (Anti-waste and Circular Economy) were published, we worked on the constitution of our Stakeholder Committee (SC) in order to pursue the possibility of discussion and consultation with stakeholder representatives in the household WEEE and lamp sectors. Our SC comprises:

4 groups with the right to vote, comprised of the following representatives:

  • household electrical and electronic equipment and lamp producers
  • waste prevention operators (including social and solidarity economy organisations)
  • local authorities and their clusters,
  • environmental and consumer protection associations

3 guests (retailers having a legal obligation to take-back WEEE and lamps)

1 State Overseer

Our SC met 6 times during the year. In accordance with the provisions of article D541-92 of the French Environment Code, 7 projects/proposals were submitted to the Committee, who gave favourable feedback (see SC feedback here)

Based on the success of this initial process, professional electrical and electronic equipment producers will integrate the Stakeholder Committee in 2022.

Our mission-based company status

After having introduced a purpose of general interest into our articles of association in October 2019, we are a mission-based company since 24 June 2021.

“Here at ecosystem, our purpose is to be protect the environment, natural resources and health by rallying the collective to boost the use of quality recycled materials thanks to the development of collection, and to reduce the quantity of waste generated by extending the service life of electrical and electronic equipment”.

For this purpose to be reflected in tangible and measurable practices, we have added five objectives, the progress of which can be measured over time. These undertakings will be followed-up by a Mission Committee, currently being created, comprised of experts from different backgrounds, i.e. 6 to 12 members selected amongst in waste prevention and management entities, associations, elected officials, qualified persons, employees and administrators. It will meet twice a year to monitor the implementation of the five objectives.

An independent third-party organisation was nominated by the Board of Directors on 10 December 2021. This is our auditor, Mazars.

Organisation chart


An internal simplified organisation

Following a transitional period after the merger of Eco-systèmes and Récylum a new organisation has been in place since 1 April 2021. Nathalie Yserd was nominated CEO, following the retirement of Christian Brabant. The organisation is now organised around one committee of 5 operational departments (Development, Operations, Environmental Performance, Producers, Communications) and 3 support departments (Finances and IT, Human Resources and Internal Communications, Legal and Institutional Relations). Two mission-based departments report to General Management (Authority Approvals and Construction Sector Relations).


A new department in charge of research

In April 2021, the “Research and Expertise” Department reporting to the Technical Department was merged with the “Studies and Eco-design” Department to form a new department.

A majority of women in the management

In 2021, ecosystem has 6 women directors and 5 men directors.

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