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2021 Annual Report

Professional WEEE

10 - Ouverture producteurs

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€ of net eco-fees perceived
tonnes placed onto the market (before adjustment for previous financial years)
producer members

Breakdown by appliances placed on the market by producer members

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Breakdown of ecosystem costs for professional WEEE

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Auditing of declarations by members producing professional equipment

Each year, in accordance with our authority approval specifications, we verifie at least 15% of the tonnages declared through audits of our producer members. These audits check that the information is correctly reported and that it complies with the reference framework provided by ecosystem, based on the fee scale and guide documents. They also enable any errors observed in the reporting to be identified and assessed.

Any sticking points, misunderstandings or points requiring further clarification to improve reporting quality are given special attention as are producer best practices. The understanding and the application of the reference framework were assessed for each of the 16 companies audited (accounting for 15% of tonnages) for declarations of equipment introduced onto the market in 2019 and 2020.

At the end of each audit, each member enjoys a personalised report in order to better understand and implement the reporting methods and adjustments. Configuration errors were thus corrected. It was recommended that a written methodology on establishing declarations be created and that extra care be taken in calculating the total net EEE weight. A specific audit for producers exporting second-hand material for reuse was also conducted.