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2021 Annual Report


In 2021 we and all our stakeholders rallied to give a boost to repair operations following the enactment of the French Anti-Waste and Circular Economy Law (known as the AGEC Law) in 2020.

réparation 2

This gave take-back scheme operators a mandate to implement financial incentives to foster a repair mentality among consumers for electrical and electronic equipment that is no longer under warranty.  The year was spent designing this incentive mechanism and on the different tasks to prepare for its launch in 2022. Furthermore, we initiated an environmental assessment of repair activities that measured the environmental benefits and impacts related to the repair of an appliance. 2021 enabled the necessary methodology to be established for this assessment.

Key figures

More than
people involved in the design work
of repairs not covered by a warranty is the target set for 2027
repairers in France