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2021 Annual Report

QualiRépar certification

The creation of a certification for repair professionals is one of the cornerstones of the repair incentive mechanism because it is the network of certified repairers who will allow consumers throughout France to benefit from the funding of repairs and a local service. In 2021 our work focused on creating a QualiRépar certification system, its reference framework and it certification process.


Key Figures

More than
repairers involved in work on the certification process
Pilot audits performed
1 manufacturer, 1 industrial repairer and 6 craftsmen
of certification costs borne by the take-back scheme operators

A well-defined framework for a quality certification process

Being a starting point for the repair mechanism, the creation of a certified repairer network will then allow consumers to benefit from an immediate discount on the cost of repairing their electrical or electronic appliances. This is why we opted for a very demanding certification system, so that certification is a mark of recognition for the business and a competitive advantage for repairers, as well as a reference point for contacting qualified professionals and for benefiting from repairs that cost less for consumers.

The technical specifications of the QualiRépar certification include transparent and non-discriminatory criteria, certification based on a site audit delivered by an independent certifying organisation. Following an invitation to tender, Bureau Veritas was selected to help us establish a certification reference framework, additional documents (eligibility file, business information sheets, and regulatory annexes) and the certification process.  To be able to carry out a great number of repairer audits and following a new invitation to tender, we selected three further certifying organisations (Afnor, Bureau Veritas and SGS) to manage the certification process. A shared platform managed by SGS, will centralise all the requests for certification on behalf of the three certifying organisations.

Stringent criteria to constitute a network of reliable repairers

Extensive work during 2021 with more than 70 repairers, certification organisations and Ecologic, resulted in the new QualiRépar certification and its entire mode of operation. Aimed at local professional repairers in France (including French overseas territories) specialised in the repair of household electrical and electronic equipment, this certification will be delivered according to qualifications and business skills criteria and will also take into account, for example, waste management. After having examined the eligibility file, the on-site audit will ensure that the applicant has fulfilled the criteria.

QualiRépar certification will be attributed for a duration of 3 years, for one or more categories of equipment listed in the 10 business information sheets (LHA cooling or non-cooling, SHA, TV, etc.) depending on the repair company’s activity. A follow-up audit will be carried out 18 months after the initial audit to attribute the certification so as to ensure that the repairer continues to fulfil the criteria. 70% of certification costs, ranging from €1,490 to €2,840 per site (single site or multi-site) will be covered by the take-back scheme operators. The remaining 30% will be borne by the repairer and will represent an annual average of €149 to €284 per site. Conditions to access certification were defined in such a way so that all repairer profiles from the smallest to the largest companies can take advantage.