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2021 Annual Report

Information system

The rolling out of a financial incentive mechanism, based on the certification of professional repairers, was accompanied by the implementation of an information system using different IT tools to collect, verify, store, transform and distribute operational data. In particular, it will manage certification requests and the reimbursement of financial support for repairs.


Key Figures

Certification management platform
which centralises all requests
Portal for requesting reimbursement
reimbursement in 4 steps

A platform centralising key data

To optimally manage certification requests and process the data of repairers who will be certified, a web platform was developed by the certifying organisation, SGS. It enables all application files to be centralised and to follow-up in detail the certification steps for the different parties concerned. In addition, an interface between the platform and ecosystem’s information system was set up to recover data from repairers and ensure regular updates. In particular, accounts can be created and access to the request for reimbursement can be accessed by all repairers who become QualiRépar certified.


Supervised requests for reimbursement in order to guarantee reliability

The management of requests for reimbursement was also anticipated in 2021 by the creation of a purpose-designed portal. This is accessible to certified repairers via a secure login and will help them to declare the repairs they have undertaken, performed within the repair mechanism, and to request reimbursement of the amount that they deducted from their customer invoices corresponding to the financial support. In this same portal, they can also consult the list of brands covered by ecosystem as well as the table of financial support given for repairs per product, follow up their reimbursement requests and corresponding payments and access various resources (administrative documents, communications kit, latest news, etc.).

Furthermore, as a financial support mechanism is not immune to fraud attempts, particular care has been taken to control data in order to ensure maximum reliability. A backend based on the latest version of the SAP solution has been implemented in order to manage all data, to support control process and to send financial reimbursement flows.  In addition, OCR (optical character recognition) shall reinforce the control of information on invoices sent by the repairers.