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2021 Annual Report

B to B Communication

Producer members

In order to give producers more visibility on our activities new communication tools were deployed in 2021. A purpose-built awareness-raising platform was developed in collaboration with a panel of producer members.

Partners and those holding WEEE


After having deployed suitable communication kits to professionals holding equipment that we collect, we wanted to offer a new intermediary service in 2021: the “” solution. This platform connects those holding WEEE (household and professional) with referenced service-providers. This solution especially responds to requests by those holding many types of waste and who can now find a collection and recycling service for it. The platform, in the form of a web interface, has been the subject of targeted internet referencing campaigns in order to make itself known.



An improved search engine for collection points for WEEE professionals

2021 was also a year when the collection points search engine was improved when a section reserved for WEEE professionals was added. A list of eleven equipment families was implemented allowing ecosystem’s partners in waste management operations handling this type of waste, to be found.

moteur de recherche PDC pro


Deployment of communication tools for small fire extinguisher collection

After having created a communication kit for those holding small fire extinguishers in 2020, 2021 focused on its deployment. 240 visits took place, mainly in hardware stores, in order to recall the regulatory background and to assist partners in regards to their collection requests.

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