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2021 Annual Report

Information and communication

To raise awareness and to provide information on both prolonging the service life and the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment and lamps, five media campaigns took place.

February/march and October/November: our general public energy-saving lamp recycling awareness campaign was extensively rebroadcast on the television and social networks.

April: focus on the in the form of weather forecast sponsorship.  Following this TV campaign more than one French person in five said that they knew about this service. Its effect was felt by collection operations because 25,000 telephones were received between April and June 2021, which is a record.

June: radio campaign on the major national stations carrying the message “everything that is mains or battery operated can be recycled in a shop or in a municipal recycling facility”

June and November: a TV campaign on the topic of redeployment and reuse, with the creation of a new advert entitled “second family”, showing how a refrigerator that has been collected during delivery take-back can finally find a second lease of life in a new home.  The message also publicised this appliance refurbishment solution provided by the authority-approved industry (74% of those who saw the campaign discovered the take-back scheme operator’s activity).

December: we would like to close the year by telling “the true story of recycling” on the TV/VOL, at the cinema and on social networks, a film which received the Grand Prix Strategies award in 2020, thereby permitting to thank all those who return used appliances.

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