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2021 Annual Report is a website created in 2019 offering a mobile telephone collection service using labels and prepaid envelopes in partnership with la Poste. All the telephones collected are sent to Ateliers du Bocage, an inclusive employment organisation and a member of the Emmaüs network, specialised in reconditioning mobile telephones.  It is an ecosystem partner. The telephones are sorted and then reused or recycled.

Key figures

visitors to the site
telephones collected provides a secure, easy and socially supportive alternative to all those who have not been able to sell or give away their telephone, who wish to donate them and look for a reliable solution to delete their information and ensure that processing can be tracked. Indeed, it is thought that nearly 100 million telephones are lying dormant in drawers.  Two thirds of these, however, are thought to be in working order and could be used by others or provide important materials for manufacturing new telephones.

The challenges in 2021 included developing telephone collection, developing partnerships to promote our solution in used mobile telephone take-back operations and improving user experience and the management of complaints.

We have, thereby, succeeded in forging new partnerships, particularly with Orange, SFR and RED by SFR.

By the end of 2021, 98,758 people visited the website, 13,713 accounts had been created, Ateliers du Bocage received 28,976 envelopes, i.e. an average of 2 telephones per envelope, 75,400 telephones were collected during 2021, 6,665 of which were collected through organised events, particularly during the TDF (Tour de France). Since the creation of the website we have collected a total of 98,700 telephones.