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2021 Annual Report

Do not let yourself be overwhelmed by used bulbs

film ampoule


Just like the changeover between summer and winter time sets the tempo for the lives of the French population, campaigns fostering bulbs recycling occurs twice a year.

From the end of February to the beginning of March and from October to November, the major awareness-raising campaign for energy-saving bulbs recycling was widely broadcast on TV and on social networks to persons over 18 years old. It reused the successful film launched in October 2019 which obtained very good performance indicators demonstrating a high incentive value: 84% of the French population having seen the film said that it “incited them to adopt the recycling of used bulbs”, and 43% said it “greatly incited” them (2019 post-test Ifop data). There is a difference between the desire to act and actually acting and this is why the effect of the campaigns is monitored on the website.  During the campaigns, searches for bulb and light tube collection points grow by an average of 20%.

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