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2021 Annual Report

Communicating to the general public

ecosystem, a responsible Tour de France partner

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To carry out its mission of public interest and rally the collective, we partnered for the second time with the Tour de France in 2021. On this occasion, a major used telephones and smartphones collection charity operation was launched among the French public providing the opportunity to promote our service. To embody its model values and its values of accountability and commitment, Jérémy Roy once again agreed to be our ambassador. A committed, former cycling champion, and now sports consultant, he rallied cycling fans and enthusiasts around this Grand Solidarity Collection event.

A team of 15 ambassadors met the public on the routes of the 2021 Tour de France.  On the agenda were discussions and games to raise the awareness of youngsters and adults in extending the service life electrical equipment and lamps and their recycling. The Kanta survey (July 2021) carried out among the public on the routes showed that 89% of those who were surveyed and were aware of ecosystem’s work declare that they intend to recycle electrical equipment/amps in a collection point within this authority-approved industry (+6.7 % compared to those who are not aware).

In 30 stopover towns participating in the collection operation, we gave a total of 2,143 reconditioned telephones to 44 local associations, thereby helping those befitting from the associations’ services and who are in social difficulty. Of the 75,400 phones collected in 2021 via, more than 35,600 mobile telephones were collected during the Tour de France.