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2021 Annual Report

A year that gave structure

2021 mobilised ecosystem’s teams on all fronts, in particular collection, with a record year across all business sectors. Finalising invitations to tender in logistics and treatment and the joint implementation of our new logistics plan made the operational merger of the household, professional, lamps and small fire extinguisher sectors a reality in the 1st quarter of 2022. In parallel, ecosystem’s new scope, shaped by the AGEC Law (French anti-waste and circular economy law) in order to contribute in extending the service life of appliances, prompted us to the build the future Repair and Reuse Funds. Amongst other things, these numerous projects gave rise to the QualiRépar certification which will bring together repair professionals wishing to showcase their expertise and allow consumers to benefit from the “repair bonus”. Since innovation is one of the keys to speeding things up, we launched a new household collection service with the “” solution which will continue to be rolled out throughout France into 2022. Lastly, 2021 enabled us to formalise and underpin our strategic and operational vision for the next six years, reflected in our authority approval application for the household, professional and lamps sectors. Together with our mission-based company objectives, this roadmap provides structure and will guide our work up into 2027, borne by our “Recycling, is protecting” tag line.

Nathalie Yserd, CEO


2021 mobilised ecosystem’s teams on all fronts.

Nathalie Yserd