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2021 Annual Report

A mission-based company, a status that commits us


Since 24 June 221, ecosystem is a French “mission-based company”. We have thereby freely chosen to set five ambitious objectives to transform our reason for being into tangible actions that can be measured, which, after all, constitutes a logical continuation of the first 15 years of our take-back organisation’s existence and engagement.

Indeed, ecosystem is what is known as a “brand purpose native” company, which by nature has a (social) reason for being since its creation. However, for us formalising our corporate DNA through this new status it was essential to commit ourselves more extensively and quickly to achieving our social and environmental objectives. For this we chose to focus on the (W)EEE sector, in which our expertise is more than recognised, in a quest of ever greater efficiency and high-performance. It is in this dynamic context that Nathalie Yserd took over the reigns of ecosystem in April 2021 with a simplified internal organisation and with the watchword: accelerate! Thereby the entire ecosystem team made every effort to speed this up in 2021 and the coming years of authority approval. Thank you to all for this collective commitment!

Alain Grimm-Hecker