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2021 Annual Report

The EMAT project (Multi-Stakeholder Entity on construction waste traceability)


In 2019 the DÉMOCLÈS collaborative platform undertook a preliminary study on a construction waste tracking system and concluded that it was necessary to have a third-party to guarantee the consistency of the tracked data by basing this on a governance system covering the entire construction sector’s value chain.

The EMAT (MSTE) project results from this work: Multi-Stakeholder Entity for construction waste Traceability (MSTE).

With a €2.7M budget over 3 years in order to undertake a prefigurative study and to create a first version of the computerised tracking platform, the project was awarded an ADEME subsidy as part of the France Relance programme.

rs within construction industry value chain also joined the project that will start in the beginning of 2021.