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2021 Annual Report

Supporting the integration of recycled plastics

One of our areas of expertise in eco-design is the integration of recycled materials coming from electrical appliances into new products. We provide producers with the tools, supporting material and/or consulting services in order to successfully complete their projects.

Publication of the summary on our work on the environmental benefits of recycled plastics coming from WEEE

We published the summary of our study on the environmental benefits of integrating recycled plastics from WEEE. The purpose of this study was to provide references and arguments to support projects that integrate recycled plastics from WEEE into new products.

Organisation of a breakfast meeting on recycled plastics

The purpose of this breakfast meeting was to share the latest advances on numerous initiatives on recycled plastic traceability and quality certifications with producers and plastic recyclers.


Development of qualitative technical information sheets for recycled plastic materials

Within the framework of the “Urban Mines" Chair we have undertaken alongside the ENSAM a project to develop technical information sheets for recycled plastics. These sheets are the result of joint work between the producers and users of recycled plastics. These are presented in a short article (in French).

Recycled plastics integration projects

In parallel, we are continuing our work on developing recycled plastic integration projects by playing the role of facilitator between stakeholders. The collective project PEPSIR (the Recycled Fire-proof PolyStyèrene Development Project) was launched with the aim of finding new outlets for polystyrene from WEEE in “closed loop” applications, i.e. in the manufacture of new electrical equipment. This innovative project initiated by ecosystem and co-built with several industrial electrical equipment manufacturers, plastic regenerating operators and a specialised laboratory, aim at defining the technical specifications necessary for developing recycled, fire-proof polystyrene.